“Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.”

Organizational Goal 
Major goal of every organization in to

  • Have delighted customers
  • Have competitive Advantage over its competition
  • Trusted by its stake holders

The best solution is to have Lean Organization

  • Zero Waste
  • One goalTo execute L&D culture
  • Leadership Team Aligned
  • Leadership Behaviors In Action
  • Employee Evaluation KPI
  • Career & Personal Development PMS
  • Coaching
  • Job Success Profiles JD

Professional Development OD

  • Everyone aligned towards that goalIdentify & Priorities Competencies
  • Ensure each employee’s competencies are defined and assessed according to their role and position
  • Understand the impact of these competencies gaps on business results
  • Plan competencies building according to business priorities
  • Obtain necessary budget to execute the development plan
  • Ensure employees have visibility and understanding of the development plan and its impact on the business

Executing Development Plans

  • To develop employees’ competences according to the 70/20/10 approach
  • Create and foster a culture of knowledge sharing
  • Ensure that the training included in the Development Plan is delivered by well prepared trainers and coaches
  • Ensure that Subject Matter Experts will follow the right process when creating learning solutions (Learning Cycle)
  • Measure Development Plan’s effectiveness and take actions if needed
  • Make sure the prioritized competence gaps have been closed and the related business results were achieved
L&D solutions