[Our Philosophy]

Giving meaning to your potential

We all are blessed with potential its our environment and circumstances that leads us to practice few of our are capabilities, Where some become dominant and some remain dormant within our personalities. Success comes to those who are able to evolve by using the right competencies at the right time.

We at alphabets are trying to put those skills & potentials together and give meaning to the world we live in. As the world is complex and has abundance of opportunities and alphabets.

When alphabets are put together they create meanings by forming words.
We are trying to give meanings to your potential by putting them in order.

Why Choose Us!

Business Alignment

Alphabets enable organizations to align corporate training with business objectives ensuring that staff learning & development needs are met.

Impact Evaluation

By using Kirk Patrick’s Model of evaluation where customer’s satisfaction scores are collated with training events to generate effectiveness scores.

L&D Support

We help in developing L&D roadmaps & handle employees in career & personal development by identifying key roles to grow its talent to fill skill gaps.


Our team will research learning needs by 7 steps methodology to create value and contribute towards organizational success by providing consultancy after learning interventions.

You need an attitude of service. You’re not just serving yourself. You help others to grow up and you grow with them.

– David Green

[Team member]

Our Expert Advisory

These are die-hard professionals whose DNA propels them to exercise a deepened thought frame well seen in their approach towards corporate education that is conducted by forensically diagnosing teething problems observed in their surrounding environment and this key factor sets them apart from your run of the mill generic mundane training that is rampant in the local market.

Alphabets formation took place similarly like any other natural-born language that takes a turn in this natural phase of its life cycle through progressive communication which similarly leads this group of individuals to strive by excelling and breaking out the norms of training experienced by employees and their management.

They collectively have experiences in deployments, innovations and international techniques of training with numerous Multinational companies, local top-tiered based organizations and with the Major tel co-based setups in Pakistan as well.

Now they have gone into venturing into starting a new chapter whose objective is to share their rich learning and methods with the masses by bridging the gaps of ignorance by their unique approach to their daily professional lives with a new though in change in management style of working and thinking as well are people are experienced in the segment of corporate